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Source Code and Binaries

Source Code

Released Date May 3, 2019
Description Scrubbed source release (not a leak as originally assumed) for what is presently considered i25.

Please Note: While this version is referred to as i25 this is actually based on the i24 source and has been modified by SCoRE with their interpretations of what i25 was to be from the dev build notes as well as digging thru the changes found in 2500 source release.
SCoRE also added a lot Quality of Life changes and features

Folders 0
Files 1 (, containing 3149 Folders and 49573 Files)
Size 513781261 bytes 489 MiB (archived)
MD5 57B62FD53E64EF2974EA2E002E6F45B9
SHA1 ECAD79CB40605E031740422BDCE2A4992CDA50D5
SHA256 D3E9558094AB28D72A0D935D7DA901731F82749D24F99F8E6E59EC727E69D354
SHA512 0A196269657558EFE0C138AA99DDFA4383BD3785A677EE12FA58CA5916AE3DD45CC2A6759C7B2C03651260D3ADB1E4583182DA3F3611667384F19A882ACE2DA6
Name coh_isyou.7z
Released Date May 16, 2019
Description Assumed to be a more current version of 2500 Source without edits by SCORE
  • Game Source
  • Client Updater Source
  • Server Source
  • Various Utilities
Folders 0
Files 1 (coh_isyou.7z, containing 3335 Folders and 50070 Files)
Size 408119947 bytes 390MiB (archived)
MD5 24a2efa2617f54f22b5805f1c251d4ef
SHA1 92b30d983bbc9de6737e8b7f02f269bd263fee5c
SHA256 40d8b12092e5a349597192b1944ecf0332295c662e8c84ddf560245878ead7c5
SHA512 83bc8f839d93de96360800583a901cc945649377aad94d00b6ed5bfb523442044866df8fe605eaa5c5e7ccb5bffe4bf58d3cfeb4b91476a3dcb0e36ee76f8b85
Name CoHDev_Source_Files_Current(Updated).zip
Released Date April 22, 2019
Description Original i24 source leak with additional files
  • Jerry's VS2010 fork
  • Original development documents
  • Compiled binaries
  • Example directory structure for a working server
Folders 0
Files 1 (CoHDev_Source_Files_Current(Updated).zip, containing 7 folders and 219 filess)
Size 1414385333 bytes 1.31 GiB (archived)
MD5 8D7973E246EAB26F93F8C0333FCC2C9F
SHA1 2007229C99615F23E400A00FA2DA0E85A6D07A66
SHA256 7E5B7B474E0DDEF6BD4C89F3C331DCBC14CF0DAB4424F14F241FF5BC531E85B8
SHA512 024BD2D014B2AA834E6C2BB858579CE08644942A74593E3460470B2C301850EED2FEC04536C450C1BD410A4C48F50E957E10CFE6DC6D308421DEDFEE437438DC

Community Releases

Name Win 2019 - City of Heroes Ouroboros Edition.7z
Released Date May 28, 2019
Description WARNING THIS ARCHIVE IS VERY LARGE! (Unpacks to 90GiB~)

This virtual machine is currently setup to run the beta version of City of Heroes updated by Ouroboros.
The current build is Volume 2: Issue One(Beta).
This is basically everything you need to be able to compile from source AND run a server.
Username: Administrator / Password: coh123!

- Config Tool
- VS2010
- VS2019
- GitHub Desktop
- @Aleena - Account Portal

Folders 0
Files 1 (Win 2019 - City of Heroes Ouroboros Edition.7z, containing 1 File)
Size 32848892148 bytes 31GiB (archived)
MD5 45a3a2346ba755567af7335a7cebe5a2
SHA1 f922c99a7cfd48b8615d52c7b81210c2515636af
SHA256 81e16f6aa48fdddd0a8fa5445b2964c282b7ad984e30f7b956baf5c9157c0cdf
SHA512 c13d123c3982a65c2b15539947d695d9441049c0ed0d2eab39036f7d65453f29cb73f0308bb75ce2d5dcd4576ad454e363cebc2962b1abf63a849b361826c740
Name CoH Client & Server.7z
Released Date April 27, 2019
Description A repack of SCORE/i25 with several community improvements and tools to help facilitate getting new users' servers running.

Logging is enabled and must be disabled in servers.cfg.

Folders 0
Files 1 (CoH Client & Server.7z, containing CoH Client & Server ReadMe.txt and 2 additional archives)
Size 8638888024 bytes 8.04 GiB (archived)
SHA1 5BF626D21E99A205BB5DC1051C3D6646731042FF
SHA256 ED49E11829B8221C07035D2CB7CD2C43A174C5C99F60AA860D9D491921CB7CBA
SHA512 0867A6C52E2BDE17CD1A44DDC58A1D3484F07FC27948F308826F64AAE23F9A95F53C50F019A6546597CCC1D113B36C1CF370E652B1957C9A64C2A47F59993912
Name Win 2012 R2 - City of Heroes - VMWare.7z
Released Date April 30, 2019
Description A VMWare image containing I25 CoH Client and Server with much of the configuration in place.

Logging is enabled and must be disabled in servers.cfg.

Folders 0
Files 1 (Win 2012 R2 - City of Heroes - VMWare.7z, containing 1 file)
Size 16530059808 bytes 15.39 GiB (archived)
MD5 1CCA24A1CF03C00161F79CA43D9E748B
SHA1 4F949B101CC564886538D0067F274A85091713DE
SHA256 33D2810D5D06A050E0267879E689DE9B4AF643D66B20430F511693243254A544
SHA512 E5B95919465C613FC43454C0B9F36914B93464F8D95AC59FD12DD3224D1EA83FAB49DF286439A48E692371CAAD6E64DEF24501D0A30323C0A17833EA812198A3
Name Win 2012 R2 - City of Heroes.7z
Released Date April 27, 2019
Description A Hyper-V image containing I25 CoH Client and Server with much of the configuration in place.

Logging is enabled and must be disabled in servers.cfg.

Folders 0
Files 1 (Win 2012 R2 - City of Heroes.7z, containing 1 file)
Size 16556469891 bytes 15.4 GiB (archived)
MD5 EBCBF234CCAD4D1DE84164E397B43C8D
SHA256 7A10B09602A8CB3A4D3EB0705B0F14AC2DF46CA056FD98B8ECFE66D27A2CE41A
SHA512 53A1F64C8496B539249F707B25EAC70AE53E84529C0450C36F6E82985725021E043D6BDC190F530B8273E5D7C14FA66F31D9AF25827DD3DC3F8F19F341F89DEF
Name Freedom.7z
Released Date April 24, 2019
Description The first VM image released by the community to streamline server installation.

Logging is enabled and must be disabled in servers.cfg.

Folders 0
Files 1 (Freedom.7z, containing 4 folders and 169 files)
Size 8783428599 bytes 8.18 GiB (archived)
MD5 6980039CA6E929FD8AB548733AAC8034
SHA1 D99D68D8CE31694EDB8D47EAD325D3F016D0ACC6
SHA256 69881CA5582AAC7D348326A6390641D698B5B9046259544078F38F305794E84B
SHA512 9AEE23659AFCBBF6C109EEE09CC1AA18DF639A84005DC78D42FF4822C2E70EC724EEA5E6D1BFAB3107DE3B93A676F3CDA50002E5E303BD04A4F618C272154528
Name City of Heroes

(WARNING: Name the same as different magnet for original City of Heroes Beta (PC) issue 24 client binaries, which can cause them to be saved to the same folder)

Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description SCORE/i25 Client install including score.exe.
Folders 12
Files 150
Size 4766336740 bytes 4.43 GiB
SHA1 for data 9923598C8D5C6D31447C61D06057E29D905DC035
SHA1 for data and names 33E5CF0283E18535B71DBA3746CF6AADBCA04726
SHA256 for data 8C208C0C3F5F4CF73FA7EA66F91802E405C0B6E6C862D0B3A1BD21B7EF63CF5A
SHA256 for data and names 50C9B5D15A54F0E45DC0949E116B9C1AA5D1B153AFCA37E31910102A021ED6FC
Name cohphysx.7z
Released Date May 18,2019
Description This has been compiled from i24 source with patches applied to enable PhysX support/settings with modern nvidia GPUs

Note: This does not work with i25 servers

Folders 0
Files 1 (cohphysx.7z, containing 0 Folders and 5 Files)
Size 4174121 bytes 4 MiB (archived)
MD5 a8fe4a05d57ab49884df577b902ae8be
SHA1 30dfeb86c055903fca82428e66ffaeba3aa5f099
SHA256 226fc2a87af817c844443e2a5276472203e668a6e841d684eeb58c7e75227891
SHA512 df861e80dfb1a60a418e58519901e52ae77de7c4bf6236f26ebd90582b723aeec3d55360cb3c67ca46301c8d9754c16b351ba28aba55f8022d1dade6a7f871db
Name 2400.2012.H2012.1_1.7z
Released Date (June 10, 2019)
Description Presumably, the files needed to enable Halloween 2012 Bundle.

Previously missing geo's included as well.

Folders 0
Files 1 (2400.2012.H2012.1_1.7z, containing 89 folders and 418 files)
Size 3326795 bytes 3.2 MiB (archived)
MD5 5fab0fa5386702be003939723b62401d
SHA1 7b1c53c0d65e51e68cf6819a22ef8b3fcf4d0448
SHA256 4442f0d6dfa9a5888c37463c82d54d1a6dd81752c520e18427e5f1f57dc263ca
SHA512 370185db9de010518d1e4731c9618b1958fc82e290f6079bc95ada51530f5c919dc6b59db261ba6c1d71dc5a4df5bdba9cfcdc6311c8ece29ad4aecb4b30f4ad
Name data-v2i1.1.7z
Released Date June 15, 2019
Description This archive is comprised of base Issue 24 data with Volume 2 Issue 1.1 data modifications from Portal Corps,

and is known to be the minimum data to support a Volume 2 server.
data\server\db just contains the directory structure needed and requires server administrators to generate templates using mapserver,
as well as copy over a set of working configurations for their shard.

Note: If you do not have the server side piggs you will need this as well piggs-v2i1.1.7z

Folders 0
Files 1 (data-v2i1.1.7z, containing 782 Folders and 3,256 Files)
Size 2857824466 bytes 2.7GiB (archived)
MD5 29c17f8619ab3e844c04c57fdab15b07
SHA1 89700bbe3fb42a57fce1670eed0a1957b98a338a
SHA256 d32ed565e743b772e2dfb8519ca1f3d478f594b272e12d83738bea0ac54340f5
SHA512 a17d8b97a0c916139ee62b850184d962a74c08f03a27b040860eb2034aeeb0701faab24b54ae18cdd1c07cb046637e586bafcfc6d177b42ada4e300cb0dca781
Name piggs-v2i1.1.7z
Released Date June 17, 2019
Description This is a cleaned up set of piggs that are needed to run a v2i1 server.
  • Stock i24 client piggs
  • Server i24 pigg
  • OuroDev piggs
Folders 0
Files 1 (piggs-v2i1.1.7z, containing 1 Folders and 22 Files)
Size 1058910272 bytes 1010 MiB (archived)
MD5 82de7f333b3bc406ccfa1f513277f226
SHA1 a3f0977b79457efad0ca4d1ca7fefa65b58e30cd
SHA256 85dcd2682e42bd2d1420d892dfa4e5c900757657a7ca856658e101acfea79f74
SHA512 12c0f296b5fa73920b929901a056bc460dd138799713a9ecb21da3e6f6caf7ee72614d6b2d5e6ecd1bdbd2bd270477549c1cc64027eb961649c2f49c472121f4

Decompiled Releases

Name ServerData.7z
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description Early leak of decompiled bins consisting mostly of client/server localization strings and scripts.
Folders 0
Files 1 (ServerData.7z, containing 976 folders and 4154 files)
Size 2912583900 bytes 2.71 GiB (archived)
MD5 E9F369787620D3D96CF6726AB3A41C7E
SHA1 9C23AC93C12D8C81DE06A6B832B439CBAA0153C6
SHA256 CD69F8B252D2416A15E5911DEEEFD0DAF04F33A3CB1DFF8E37212CE5C04BAEC6
SHA512 417087C236F2AD1650CE55ECCAB48AC87D98843EAB05246005833F16114A50E96BA99B15B7EC07148BF0ADFCD7865D103AE38B886D6099B53536B030446720EE
Name decompiled-bins-and-spreadsheets
Released Date (unknown - please update)
  • DecompiledBins.7z - Exactly what it says, includes many useful definition files
  • Akten_lagern.7z - Contains spreadsheets for generating defs for NPC store inventory
  • Badge-Dateien.7z - Contains spreadsheets for generating defs for badges
  • Belohnungsdateien.7z - Contains spreadsheets for generating defs for various rewards
  • Energiequellen.7z - Contains spreadsheets for generating defs for powers and powersets
  • Klassendateien.7z - Contains spreadsheets for generating defs for "classes" (the internal term for PC and NPC Archetypes)
Folders 1
Files 7 archives and readme.txt
Size 57601443 bytes 54.9 MiB (archived)
SHA1 for data F23D775922094F5F00C35E398A1F78637496A5B1
SHA1 for data and names D3B956084D015B276FB19C416F3D0B5F62E4C354
SHA512 for data 22D212C3E13B2908AAA60E73E9D54468C061E6655469EED540D965895A4F223E
SHA512 for data and names C4B8E4877312404D9DAE31DD291724625E22C89F72F6C4F7E957174B00233420
Name more-german
Released Date (unknown - please update)
  • DatenbankfürFull.7z - Templates and Configs
  • HeilDeutschland.7z - Some of the missing xls files from the previous dump
Folders 1
Files 2 archives and readme.txt
Size 5791744 bytes 5.52 MiB (archived)
SHA1 for data 53AE23052860362D29EC2B63F03833AC72582083
SHA1 for data and names 26F072AD1A75452DB47F67F34395A261DA9C8E92
SHA512 for data 78CA458403095548D66D35D5FF00F181AEF2C1C4FF2ADC74AC182B68023A6978
SHA512 for data and names A93C3F54BE88E658493DF796F9DD1A81D64CE5543F7205F1D48C572B2B5F64D8
Name Bears-Beets-BattlestarGalactica.7z
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description A set of Cryptic design tools for City of Heroes; incredibly useful if you want to convert XLS into defs for i24 development - a single p4 module, many of the key big data files are missing such as missions and villains
Folders 0
Files 1 (Bears-Beets-BattlestarGalactica.7z, containing 265 folders and 2460 files)
Size 13020338 bytes 12.4 MiB (archived)
MD5 D50F1E17F9F206A00CD6717C3AE68C0A
SHA1 3CC31949EC393BBFCD4680E0D338FFAC29118785
SHA512 07C4E4B427401E0463349CAFB83A3B3D92D75A85C6EF7DAC073A6F72FEF87FDB1AE61EF64B002445AEB30AC7A7D25E6A87CC9C76562AECD2BA6348C6C4928E4E
Name oops
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description Decompiled source for turnstileserver and arenaserver in addition to assembly for launcher64 and arenaserver
Folders 1
Files 9
Size 176793326 bytes 168.6 MiB (archived)
SHA1 for data EF8D66C417C9CCA8D35575779318461955F420FE
SHA1 for data and names AD96980F1A5BB577B611730D0F0C7009F3114587
SHA512 for data A2DA17EC20CBB92D5FF675F0111C2A4D5F95AC2DA5969F2BC2957607FD231A6D
SHA512 for data and names 004844C1A9A41A1D2FCD7A46CCAED680417A317281BE3D803A79D27A6AEC58C1
Name FapTastic.7z
Released Date May 17, 2019
Description Paragon Data Directory Containing most assets needed for creating new content

Note: "5-17" leak has additional content missing from this release

Folders 0
Files 1 (FapTastic.7z, containing 14437 Folders and 247184 Files)'
Size 3329754298 bytes 3.2 GiB (archived)
MD5 2f2aee4b173f2e53784a63385c8f990c
SHA1 a7710cdc507c593f8e32510a9171e0e6f6f693e2
SHA256 543992860fdaed0fe5cb25e4622fc32e20eae1c0a500a9c632cd8c1c8ed9622e
SHA512 0cbb1eb347a8c2169a0e6f64080cd515ba1610ecf709802cd86c9fa20fd609ab39a6ba180b6fb5898ecc1abacd703959922190d0d4113989e1d68b88778cc8e6
Name (Also known as ScrapYarders Google Drive)
Released Date May 17, 2019

Note: magnet generated from the original DolphinPorn / ScrapYarders Google Drive release

Folders 0
Files 1 (, containing 146 Folders and 3853 Files)
Size 8180780073 bytes 7.7GiB (archived)
MD5 4ece488a3ae8e4d2811089ff8014b5e4
SHA1 3f4dc476158b6b69656ae3c1ed68e3e237ab63ee
SHA256 e54b3c17e28532fa8d79cdbd36e0385eb80b40722de658e2da1f40c6e8443e9d
SHA512 087119aab07962ec2bcdbdc5df5c342867d42560ff071b33ad11dba10553f11476b945005715792fc9dd6620d77739ebf5e9c5be7b1ce9e9863c087332363428
Name dbidmaps.7z & TRICKS.7z
Released Date May 17, 2019
Description This is additional data missing from the Paragon Data Directory (FapTastic.7z) leak
  • dbidmaps.7z - (please update - needs proper description)
  • TRICKS.7z - c:\data\game\tricks asset directory
Folders 0
Files 2 archives
  • dbidmaps.7z - 73865 bytes (73 KiB)
  • TRICKS.7z - 50292 bytes (50 KiB)
SHA1 - dbidmaps.7z ab8f2a0062dbdc42fd8254c738163abd7ee76aed
SHA1 - TRICKS.7z 2c7eb05af70eed46c3878f1d8e313d959a9b6ac5
SHA256 - dbidmaps.7z 268ab19d0d0644750341d50231849824995f3ac98bce0175fc7aca099f0a8f10
SHA256 - TRICKS.7z 506f54dda0f753448014cfc240ef07af44abc14de4bf54179a146a2ad63a1640
Name voldemort.7z
Released Date June 17, 2019
Description The "faptasic" dump is missing a lot of fx files and nearly all the tricks.

This is all you need to finish the source tree. mapserver -createbins will create any missing geobins.

  • extract everything from the i24 client piggs, but delete the bin folder
  • extract faptastic on top of that
  • extract voldemort on top of that
  • run mapserver.exe -createbins

Note: This data is currently considered 2500 data

Folders 0
Files 1 (voldemort.7z, containing 1,766 Folders and 37,630 Files)
Size 2293558 bytes 2.2 MiB (archived)
MD5 07669737371ac43ad3b157c3d3e1d468
SHA1 1a1a690deaea65a9215af12271965fc708317ad4
SHA256 a8cf4125637471bd2ac6a311cfb03b8dd20cc2c96c9d69d5ced5890e25c49c6d
SHA512 2b4e42c37ff5d5b3af7edf7528316bd3c5d1a543103475a60ad3516fb851e058f26b1fb5c977304b5835a7831c5464d2924c3ed58c2d618804ec766889367a58

Historical / Museum Preservation

Name i25Binaries_InsurancePolicy.7z
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description Original release of the SCORE/i25 server binaries (renamed from "i25-Server-FuckTonyV-FuckNCsoft.7z").
Folders 0
Files 1 (i25Binaries_InsurancePolicy.7z, containing 8483 folders and 32649 files)
Size 3796845137 bytes 3.53 GiB (archived)
MD5 43CF2C67D48CDAE9709E785A3EE7DD5E
SHA1 A4FC0CB6AEE6619B0889CEB8BE57B0B629536CE3
SHA256 B34D398F7E9A06832A9069F7156F59B53EAB395D0CE155D031CEB09DD47BEAB1
SHA512 7F2203326BCD704CAE0EF59D0E8DC0D021E1769AAB81B1AEAC4EF0C97188079BFDEE90377227C33AED78A6C2219D84080BDBAEFCD792B9BC93BB8D8F4FAF7D47
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description Was meant to be a full archive of all data up to that moment, but the directory for Jerry's VS2010 fork doesn't actually contain the correct source.

Note: This file was immediately superseded by CoHDev_Source_Files_Current(Updated).zip which contains the correct source for Jerry's VS2010 fork.

Folders 0
Files 1 (, containing 7 folders and 218 files)
Size 1419645644 bytes 1.32 GiB (archived)
MD5 D1E1DEC01A5D7583546CB0477567ABC6
SHA1 4C918FB1098F04F193407DFF6BECD5AFE86C8FC4
SHA256 3063490EC11CC04AFFA333F6868B241FD641AA490803ED51A3BE72ACFBD9E2D4
SHA512 829736E8C568B2DD03D48D36746FE314EBC91EFBE3D80FB717010A3ED480AFAC7F457715B1A1808CFF929617282DE305A46161B5F27E01B37168855224C6F71D
Name CoH google drive
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description Archive of a Google Drive link that contains much of the same data as other magnets here.
Folders 2
Files 8
Size 5004925228 bytes 4.66 GiB (archived)
SHA1 for data EB5CF0796FB92674AC29BC0592A0408D8D08DA2C
SHA1 for data and names B76985997A9AED0914456F101C5BC251A3C969ED
SHA512 for data BCF0C2121ED122D2157771EEE69116D688E421F03AE18A799710D59603BD587D
SHA512 for data and names EBECF6BCCF96F824432B2FDF9F5AD864C4080D0882D8479FC2FA81BEF958F21B
Name The full
Released Date 04/18/2019
Description Data contained completely in CoHDev_Source_Files_Current(Updated).zip.
Size 603560069 bytes 575.5 MiB (archived)
MD5 9EED25A12B124652C06D2EDFBB544242
SHA1 AA476FF511929CA60C5130D74F4E5A1359C46AF6
SHA256 B4F71EAE3B11F71F81CD3E8962148DC05C89D3A18FCC23F1B38858FF7EBB8DB
SHA512 12D30E834441B0AFE54B5CB16072206EF8A3F10951D1CB6685ABCC2CBB014A9C13E2F3389440ECD4697412D967927A1A6ABB9EB290C082A5C29945AB504E9A41
Name We were there.rar
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description The original i24 source release, released in response to an article on MassivelyOP. Also contained completely within CoHDev_Source_Files_Current(Updated).zip.
Folders 0
Files 1 (We were there.rar, containing a shitload of things that are still extracting so Im moving on)
Size 489029819 bytes 466.3 MiB (archived)
MD5 B56FED122D1448BB59104C1E7BE1A4AE
SHA1 0C62AB197C94C379BCD0A83C07E395BC72E4163C
SHA256 CC3DF5A38D15AA43520D734AB6DE72449E6528A155D4ADA664CF387A41AB94CA
SHA512 4E522BCB57CCE27DF84AA250EF8711EDF9D100DC140E2A3AEF5D348318B21AAD5362169D85CDA420A52061E977A57D98DD139F6D6C2FD591BE93E6349984EA23
Name i24Client and Server
Released Date 04/20/2019
Folders 1
Files 2
Size 64554234 bytes 61.5 MiB (archived)
SHA1 for data 7A153FBC321E7A6EAF62E57F360D9B068DAC48D5
SHA1 for data and names 5B617F2775765B309627BD1D0115BF7BE8CE3513
SHA512 for data EF78500A97EA6246A48BDCAC9FFCE5D7E776EB01FE99B10BE1B911176737999D
SHA512 for data and names 2ED48598B8751E392E2D4B665E270138DB07209A3F7B9DE97316550B47AC9C7D
Released Date 04/19/2019
Description server .bin files, includes NPCs and mission data etc
Size 49728790 bytes 47.4 MiB (archived)
MD5 11951F09B3CDC98EDFF57C503D0FA357
SHA256 B8BE2A8F25CC16A76B67BF11B245B40FAF1B6CAA9FA93705F23EC92313762630
SHA512 56D800A91D6865FDE95F1D37CCB6E723B76D9155834EB54438A2A12405ED6B65840ECBD234D60BF1D8D88FA71BD919D28DDAE03C64AA359C096F8B8B63AC3299
Name City of Heroes
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description WARNING: Later score client binaries magnet has same name, which can cause them to be saved to the same folder
Folders 12
Files 124
Size 4578774177 bytes 4.26 GiB (archived)
SHA1 for data 939958482953C81A11CCE2417921496DE8CA6945
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SHA512 for data and names 00ABF27E74DA06F67BD06B5C9C502E149E12C7A998BB5FB9B8490EAFACCD7191
Name City of Heroes Beta
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description This should be the City of Heroes Beta (Mac) issue 24 clinet bianaries, however the torrent appears to be dead with no source seeds
Name coh
Released Date (unknown - please update)
Description City of Heroes client with Tequila, Paragon Chat, and Titan ICON.
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SHA512 for data and names 649BC82179201C82E7DBB77513E202D327DC96721B6FE1D1240E7FF97688AAFD
Name City of Heroes Bootleg Edition (i3)
Released Date
Description This contains City of Heroes which was given away for free at conventions as two compact discs in

a paper sleeve (i3) It is also mirrored by The Internet Archive Software Library collection.

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