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Vision Statement

The Ouroboros Project is an ongoing volunteer effort that is taking a three-pronged approach to making City of Heroes available to the public:

  1. Maintaining and releasing stable source code and builds of our i24-based Volume 2 client and server.
  2. Transparency through a public git repository, a public bug tracker, and documentation in a public wiki.
  3. Provide comprehensive documentation and support for setting up private deployments using released i25/SCoRE binaries and i24/Volume 2 source.

Volume 2 Vision

Volume 2 represents a new line of i24-based development completely separate from i25/SCoRE. The Ouroboros team intends to continually develop the following in support of Volume 2:

  1. A stable server and client, modernized and optimized over time with routine bug fixes.
  2. A default configuration for running the server and client.
  3. A set of default game data based upon i24.